When trying to buy a home each step is equally important and by skipping any step you might be missing out on the house of your dreams. It is important to understand the process and I thought I would break down what happens between the offer and closing today for you.


We submit a reasonable offer on a house you absolutely love and wait for it to be accepted or not, but in the mean time many things need to happen.


The mortgage lender needs to make sure the house is worth the money that they are going to lend you, so a licensed appraiser determines an opinion of market value on the home you’ve put an offer on. If the market value comes in below what you have offered the lender may not go through with the loan. 

Apply for a Loan

This is the step that holds together the whole deal. If you can’t get the loan, you won’t get the house. This is why getting pre-approved and knowing how much you can get a loan for is so important! We shouldn’t be looking at, let alone putting in offers for houses that are above your pre-approved amount.

Home Inspection

A home inspector will inspect the house you have put an offer in to determine the condition it is in and report any problems it may have. If there are major problems we might not want to go forward with the deal or there may be things we want the seller to fix or pay to fix. 

Title Company

To ensure the house is all yours you will need a title report. You wouldn’t want to buy a house to later find out that the seller did not have the rights to sell it to you!

Contract of Sale

After the home inspection and appraisal have come back we need to right a contract to exchange ownership of the property.  This will outline the obligations of the seller and yourself. For example, if we want the seller to fix anything that was found in the home inspection we would write it in the contract as well as the amount of money you are promising to pay the seller in exchange for the home.

Home Insurance

You will purchase home insurance for your home in case anything happens.

Final Walk Through

Within 48 hours of the closing we will do a final walk through of the house to make sure everything looks good and what we expected.

Get Funds Ready

You will make sure your down payment and escrow account are ready to make the sale final.


The house is yours! You get the keys and get to move in and make the house your home-congrats!