Did you know January 29th is Kansas Day? This year Kansas will be 157 years old! I love living in Kansas and wanted to share a few reasons why with you.

Relaxed life style

You rarely run into rush hour traffic, people wave as you drive down the road,  the grocery store is only 5 minutes away and when you get there you don’t have to fight for a parking spot…what more could you ask for?

Lower cost of living

Overall the cost of living in Topeka, KS is 5% lower than all other US cities. When compared to Chicago it is 28% lower, Dallas it is 7% lower and New York a whopping 141% lower!

Not far from large city amenities when you need them

Kansas City is only an hour or so away! Every so often it’s nice to get out and in to the hustle and bustle of the city and go shopping, see a Chiefs or Royals game, or just enjoy a night out on the Plaza.

4 real seasons

We have barbecues and backyard pool parties in the heat of the Summer, changing leaves and chilly winds in Fall, snowmen and sledding in Winter, and beautiful days and budding flowers in Spring…best of all 4 worlds!

Beautiful landscapes

Have you ever driven through the Flint Hills?prd_030011.jpg

Or got out to walk through a sunflower field?


Or watched a Kansas sunset?



What are your favorite parts about living in Kansas?